embroidered Patches

This is the most popular and traditional patch style. You can use them for hats, clothes, and bags. Every patch can be dye-cut into custom shapes and sizes as well as different custom pattern designs. Up to 12 thread colors.

Custom patch/badge start  100pcs/design/size

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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of Miakapatches, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure you can find the information you want quickly, below content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.


With 12 years of experience, Miakapatches is well-versed in this field. Yes, you are dealing with masters. You can trust us with your needs and expectations.


embroidered patches gallery

High quality with competitive price & best service

rose patch

Rose Patch

Fully Embroidered
Hot needle cutting in flower shape makes the patch elegant.

ice cream patch

Ice Cream Patch

Fully Embroidered
Hot needle cut with a contour shape. The patch looks nice because it uses strong design elements.

pizza patch

Pizza Patch

Fully Embroidered
Hot needle cut with a contour shape. The patch has a thick feel on the hand.

skull patch

Skull Patch

Non-fully Embroidered.
Great use of contrasting colors which works well in embroidery stitching. 

space patch

Space Patch

Fully Embroidered.
This round fully embroidered patch features sharp text and artwork on a twill background.

fox patch

Fox Patch

Non-Fully Embroidered.
The pattern utilizes thick and varied stitch directions to achieve great texture and depth.

3d puff patch

3D Bowie Patch

3D Embroidered
Laser cutting makes the patches alive.

metallic thread heart

Space Patch

Fully Embroidered.
This round fully embroidered patch features sharp text and artwork on a twill background.

iridescent skull patch

Iridescent Patch

Fashion material with classic skull design

camping patch

Campling Patch

Non-fully Embroidered
Laser cutting make the patches alive. No matter for your jacket or bag, it is always nice.

tiger patches

Tiger Patch

Fully Embroidered.
This round fully embroidered patch features sharp text and artwork on a twill background.

kola patch

Kola Patch

Fully Embroidered

Hot needle cutting in kola shape. Super cute.

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We are a company that values customers' satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality patches that meet all your needs.


Any size, any shape and different border types.
1000+ New Artworks & Desgins


3″ patch | 100 pieces
Competitor A —$2.30
Competitor B— $1.76


BSCI Certification
Disney Audit
Oeko and Reach Certification


Every standard order ready to ship within 3~5 days.
Rush service will be offered to meet tight deadlines


Professional designer team
24 hours feedback
Custom patch MOQ: 100pcs


Sea shipment in low cost.
Air flight or DHL/FedEx/UPS for rush delivery

Get a quick . NOW!

There is no limit to what you can create patch. Any Size, Any Color,Any Design, Any Option whatever you want.

This is what we do when it comes to making custom patches:

Step 1: Design the Patch

Our experienced artists will work with you to create the patch possible. Not only full service but also provide  professional advice  to meet all of your needs


Step 2: Select Fabric & Thread

To be proud, all thread material that Miakapatches used is passed OEKO and Reach certification. Contact us if you need the proof.

thread and fabric color chart

Step 3:Embroider the Patch

Almost all of Miakapatches’s patches are produced using Tajima and Barudan Japan machines, That’s the best embroidery machine now.

embroider the patch

Step 4: the Backing

The uncut material passed through a heat press machine, which uses pressure and heat to bond the hot melt backing to the fabric used. Our glue backing is thick and good quality.

heat press

Step 5: Quality Checking

Workers will remove excess or loose threads as well as pick out inferior ones. Miakapatch has strict quality control to ensure that all embroidery patches are perfect.


Step 6:Cut & Pack

Unfinished Embroidered Patch production is cutting the embroidery patch into single pieces. Laser cutting and heat cutting are the two common ways of cutting patches. 

cutting patch machine


5 Factors Decide the Price

  • Percentage Of Embroidery: In general there are 3 embroidery types, namely, 50% embroidery, 75% embroidery, or 100% embroidery.
  • Patch Size: the smallest size is 1″, and up to 22″.
  • Patch Quantity: MOQ is 100pcs/design. better discount for larger quantities.
  • Special Option: We provide hundreds of special options like special material, different boarder and backing, etc
  • Patch package

Embroidered Patch Boarders

hot cut patch

Hot Cut Border Option

This border is used on patches with complex outer cut lines and edges that cannot be sewn or merrowed. it can be used by laser machine or just handmade.

merrowed board patch

Merrowed Border Option

Sealing the edges of the patch that insures no threads will frey or separate from the patch. and only used simple shape ,like round/square etc.

fray patch

Fray Border Option

That’s very fashion chioce, special in Jean /canvas/cotton material.



Embroidered Patch Backing

hot cut patch

Sew on Patches/No glue

This border is used on patches with complex outer cut lines and edges that cannot be sewn or merrowed.

iron on backing

Iron-on Patches/Backing

 Just a few seconds with an iron over the face of the patch and it is permanently sealed to whatever you wish to attach it to!

peel and sticker

Peel & Stick Backing

Easier than Iron On, with a lasting hold on many surfaces and fabrics! it is very suitable for DIY crafts.

velcro backing

Velcro Backing - 1-Piece

This option is ideal if you are only needing one side of the velcro and already have the other side on your garment.

velcro backing

Velcro Backing - 2-Piece

Velcro is the ultimate adhering mechanism when reusable attachment is required. custom cut to the shape of your design for a full seal!

pin back clipped rev 1

Pin Backing

Just pin it anywhere you like, clothes, bag, fabric etc. 

Embroidered Patch Package

Meet different customer's requirment

bulk pack

Bulk Pack



single patch card

Single Patch Card


Hang Tabs

clip strip

Clip Strip


To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about miakapatches:

What is your minimum quantity ?

For custom patches, our MOQ is 100pcs/design. For our stock items, no minimum quantity.

How many colors can I order the patch?

For embroidery Patches, you may have up to 10 colors for free. Each additional color fee will be charged. for the sub-dye patches, no limit to color.

How is the price determinde ?

Many factors influence pricing. The base price per patch is determined by size and quantity, although many other factors can influence price, including number of colors, backing, specialty threads, rush service, etc . 

Do you offer unlimited artwork revisions?

All artwork is free with your order, and we do allow multiple revisions to a reasonable degree. However, if we reach a point where concepts get scrapped and our designers are required to start over multiple times, a revision fee may be charged, or recommend that you nail down your final concept before requesting additional changes.

How long will it take to make my custom patches?

Our inventory items will be ready in 3-7 days, and custom patches will be ready in 10-15 days. Not fast enough? Then, please call us or email info@miapatches to make special arrangements.

How are my items shipped?

it is up to your budget and time!  in general, we can ship by FedEx/UPS/DHL or air express. and by sea shipment if not urgent for large quantities.

There is no limit to what you can create patch. Any Size, Any Color,Any Design, Any Options whatever you want

our customers feedback

Miakapatches makes on-demand manufacturing accessible to everyone: Retailers,Online shops, Scout troops, Teams, Nonprofits, Apparel Brands, Small Sellers, and more.

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"I don’t think I have ever worked with anyone that responds to emails faster. Maggie and her team are courteous, provide great service, fair pricing, and quick turnaround."
"Miakapatches have done 40+ different patches for us. They’re professional, do great work, and back up their product. "
Barbara Smith
"I love to work with them. they always make the biz simple and easy. I highly recommend working with them."
Mark Sommers
Brand Importer
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